Brewing Man Tickets Have Arrived

The Brewing Man Vision:
A gathering of brewers and distillers celebrating terroir-based beverages and inspired brewing methods.

The inaugural Brewing Man will be held on Friday, May 24th through Monday, May 27th at Mecca Grade Estate Malt, located in the High Desert of Central Oregon. Brewing Man is a celebration of indigenous ingredients as well as a living and learning environment focused on natural methods of brewing and how to synchronize with your own terroir to create unparalleled fermentations. Your general admission ticket includes:

  • Overnight camping accommodations at Mecca Grade Estate Malt. Tent camping, trailers, and RVs are welcome. There will be no water or electrical hookups available. If you don’t wish to camp on-site, an alternative ticket option is available, and we can suggest nearby lodging options for you.
  • Dinner ticket for a five-course catered farm to table dinner and bottle share extravaganza on Saturday evening. We will have local food trucks available during all other dining hours, but you will be responsible for all remaining meals. 
  • Free attendance to all hands-on educational workshops. The presenter/workshop list will be released shortly.
  • 2 entries into the Brewing Man Brew Competition and eligibility to receive an array of insane prizes.
  • Brewing Man merchandise (t-shirt and commemorative glass)

Guests are invited to arrive after 4 PM on Friday, May 24th, and depart by noon on Monday, May 27th. Please keep in mind that Brewing Man takes place on a working farm and malting business with a family home onsite. Please be respectful to all inhabitants, workers, and also your surroundings. Treat the property how you would like yours to be treated. Any personal accidents or liabilities are assumed by you by purchasing your ticket.

All ticket options include two entries into the Brewing Man Origin Beer Competition. (If you purchase a couple's ticket, each individual is allowed two entries). If you are not able to make it to Brewing Man, you can still enter the competition by purchasing a Origin Beer Competition Ticket. Please see the guidelines below for entering the competition. 


Purchase Brewing Man Tickets Here at Eventbrite


Brewing Man Origin Beer Competition Guidelines

Open to all commercial brewers and homebrewers! Limit two (2) entries per brewer.

As part of the inaugural "Brewing Man" gathering in Madras Oregon (May 24th - 27th, 2019) we are inviting brewers of all types and experience levels to create and submit their best, most flavorful and unique beverage made ONLY with native and local ingredients to your area. In keeping with the Brewing Man philosophy, the goal of this competition is for it to be a celebration of everyone’s terroir and a gathering to share it. Winning beers will be announced during the Brewing Man Festival and there will be much rejoicing!

Please follow the following guidelines accordingly: 

  • Use only the finest natural spring or well water. Please try to limit your water chemistry additions.
  • All malt must either homegrown/malted or native to your locale. 
  • All hops must be homegrown or native to your locale.
  • Yeast must be sourced from your local producer or naturally cultivated and propagated from your locale.
  • Any additional natural ingredients must be sourced from your locale (fruits/vegetables, herbs, flowers, etc.).
  • Commercial beers which already exist CANNOT be entered, even if they meet the above requirements.

"Locale" is a loose term covering anything from your own backyard up to your "region" (ie. Pacific Northwest). The closer you can source your ingredients, the better.

We are looking for originality and inspiration. Get out in nature, go for a hike, swim in your favorite body of water, visit a local farm…at the end of that experience, what is the beer you want to enjoy the most at that moment? What are the flavors and sensations that you are craving? Now go make that beer…and forget about style. 

Entries will be judged by a panel of certified and experienced beer judges but NOT to any specific beer style. Winners will be awarded from the following categories and entitled to some truly unique prizes:

  • Best Beer Period (most enjoyable, above all the rest)
  • Best Wild Beer (using wild cultures, spontaneous fermentation, or commercial souring cultures)
  • Best Session Beer (the perfect beer for the festival or your next summer camping trip)
  • Best Big Boozy Beer (oak barrels and wine or spirits are acceptable, but remember these are being judged in May)
  • Best Mead or Cider (using locally-sourced fruits, vegetables, and honey)

Participants must pre-register HERE and are required to provide a minimum of 1 gallon per entry for judging. This can include 6x 22oz or 750ml bottles, 4x 32oz growlers, a 12 pack of cans, etc. Entries must also be accompanied by an Entry Essay. Yes…you read that right! Be thoughtful and provide us a minimum of 1-5 paragraphs explaining what inspired you to make this beer, your approach and technique. Please include your recipe and also highlight any unique or special ingredients used. Your essay will be read to the judges during tasting and evaluation.

Entries must arrive at Mecca Grade Estate Malt by 10am on Friday May 24th for afternoon judging. If you are shipping your entries, please ship via UPS or FedEx to arrive no later than Wednesday May 22nd.

Participants are also encouraged to bring the remainder of their keg(s) and containers to Brewing Man to be enjoyed Saturday evening at the farm to table dinner and bottle share. We will have an on-site, walk-in cooler to store beer.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

We will be checking tickets at arrival, so please bring them printed and ready to be checked. Brewing Man is a family-friendly event, so please feel free to bring your children. Well-behaved animals are allowed, but keep in mind this is a working farm including other animals, livestock, and wildlife. You must be 21 or older to participate in the workshops, tasting, and sharing of beer.  

What are my transportation and parking options?

While at Brewing Man, you are free to go and come as you please if you would like to enjoy the other sites and attractions of Central Oregon. Ample parking will be available at the event, but please keep in mind that lost or stolen valuables is your responsibility. Although the farm is a safe environment (and we believe that everyone will be on stellar behavior), we cannot guarantee the safety of your items. Please take action accordingly to keep your items safe and secure. 

Camping locations will be in an adjacent grass field to Mecca Grade. While there will be plenty of room for everyone, assignment of camping spots will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

What can I bring into the event?

You are more than welcome to bring anything to Brewing Man that will make your stay more enjoyable. There will be portable restrooms and wash stations available, but water and electrical hookups will not be provided. One large catered dinner is included in your ticket price for Saturday evening and we will have food truck options available during Saturday and Sunday. Please plan accordingly for the remainder of your meals. Please also bring your favorite beverages to share at our bottle share event Saturday evening and for the remainder of the weekend.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

If you have any questions about Brewing Man, lodging, travel, or anything else, please contact the Mecca Grade Estate Malt Relationship Manager, Katie Ralls, at:

What's the refund policy?

Full refunds are available until May 1st, 2019. After that date, a 50% refund is available if you choose to cancel.


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