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Featured Employee- Sally Klann

Katie Ralls

Sally Klann is the Good Malt Advocate for Mecca Grade Estate Malt and also November's Featured Employee. Take a few m...

Soft Pretzels with Beer Cheese Dipping Sauce

Katie Ralls

The fall season is upon us which means that soft pretzel season is also officially here. Pretzels are great at any ti...

Autumn Farm to Table Dinner at Mecca Grade Estate Malt

Seth Klann

On Saturday, September 22nd, Mecca Grade Estate Malt hosted their first Farm to Table Dinner in collaboration with Wi...

Everything You Wanted to Know About Wheat Harvest

Seth Klann

Is wheat harvested the same way as grass seed? How long does wheat harvest take? What machines are used? Is your whea...

Pancetta Stout Fettuccini

Seth Klann

Although the weather is hot, fettuccini is always in season. This pasta dish is kicked up a notch with pancetta, fres...

Featured Employee- Brad Klann

Seth Klann

Brad Klann is the owner of Brad Klann Farms and Co-Owner of Mecca Grade Estate Malt and also August's Featured Employ...

A Day With Mecca Grade Estate Malt

Seth Klann

On Tuesday, July 24th, we hosted over 40 brewers at distillers on the farm to participate in our First Annual Malt an...

Everything You Wanted to Know About Grass Seed Harvest

Seth Klann

Contrary to popular belief, barley, wheat and rye are not the main crops grown on our farm. Kentucky Bluegrass is the...

Chocolate Stout Cream Pie

Seth Klann

Chocolate cream pie is good any time of the year and any time of the day. Thanksgiving? Sure. Breakfast? Even better....

HomebrewCon Brülosophy Podcast

Seth Klann

In this episode, Marshall and Malcolm from Brülosophy sit down with booth partners from Yakima Valley Hops, Mecca Gra...

IPA Lemon Bars

Seth Klann

We took our favorite traditional lemon bar recipe and gave it a beer and barley twist, because why not?! The two secr...

Greg Young- Samuel Adams Nikasi Award Winner

Seth Klann

Recently at the 2018 HomebrewCon, Grey Young, from Roseville, California was awarded the Samual Adams Nikasi Award an...
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