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Madras farm banks on craft brewing with malt: Malted barley adds distinctive flavor

Seth Klann

In the brewing world, hops tend to overshadow their teammate malt in the flavor category. Brad Klann and his son Seth...

Oregon's Terrior Triangle

Seth Klann

"That's what I'm excited about," tells Klann. "Getting back to less ingredients, better ingredients, and more flavor....

Whiskey Review: Tualatin Valley Oregon Single Malt

Seth Klann

"Jason O’Donnell described Mecca Grade’s malt as “peanutty,” and I definitely agree. This is a surprisingly rich spir...

Highlighting Local Malsters: A Collaboration with Allagash Brewing Company

Seth Klann

Allagash Founder, Rob Tod, and Head Brewer, Jason Perkins flew out to Bend to meet Veronica and our Bend Pub Head Bre...

#pdxbeergeeks: Brewing a Truly Local Beer

Seth Klann

"So, for the finale of the series, we're going to do something that I personally feel is a special opportunity; we wi...

#pdxbeergeeks: Profile Series: Growing Local Beer

Seth Klann

At the end of a long dirt road against a backdrop of Central Oregon farmland, Seth Klann is unlocking the door to wha...

Local Malt: The Next Step for Craft American Whiskey

Seth Klann

It’s no secret that here in the Northwest, we take “local” very seriously. It seems like every distiller I know is fo...

The Technology Behind the Future of Barley

Seth Klann

Brewing isn't particularly technical, right? If one can make soup, one can make beer; just acquire the needed ingredi...

Ag Tour Puts a Face on Water Issues

Seth Klann

Towering over the farm are four shiny new silos, each capable of holding a million pounds of grain. “We have two year...

Hey, There's Terroir in my Beer

Seth Klann

"We're the only craft-malt house that is sourcing all of our grain from ourselves on our farm," Klann says. "It's kin...

A Beverly Hills Hotel is Helping to Normalize Craft Beer in Fine Dining

Seth Klann

The beer's Full Pint malt from Mecca Grade Estate Malt in Madras, Oregon, and its organic Gargoyle hops from Hops-Mei...

Women Grow New Barley Strains at OSU

Seth Klann

Does barley matter for beer flavor? That’s one of the main questions OSU’s barley researchers are seeking to answer. ...
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