Mecca Grade Estate Malt

Mecca Grade is an estate malthouse located on 1,000 irrigated acres in the beautiful Central Oregon High Desert. Our eighth-generation, Oregon farming family grows and malts all of our own specialty grain.

“The best beer deserves Mecca Grade.”

Mecca Grade Estate Malt is proud to be one of the unique, local ingredients featured in Ale Apothecary beer

  • Our estate malt is not a commodity and is definitely not priced like one
  • We don't "custom-malt" or source grains from anyone other than our own family farm.
  • We sell directly to brewers and distillers, meaning - no middle-man.
  • All sales will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. We honor our relationships, and as we grow, will make sure there is plenty of malt available for our current customers. After that, we will only sell to these customers what we can produce from our own land.
  • No matter how large or small a brewing or distilling operation you are, we are committed to growing with you.
  • We are a family-owned and fiercely independent farm and malthouse. We don't answer to corporate shareholders and don't malt according to committee.
  • If it's not unique, we won't sell it. There is no reason to grow the same varieties and produce the same malt that is already available and pass it off as "local" or something special.
  • We make remarkable malt that has no equal.

The Foundation Malt Series:

Pelton \pel·tuhn or pel·tin\ – The perfect choice for creating premium lagers, light ales, farmhouse, and wild beers. Produces a complex, slightly grassy, and crisp wort through which our terroir is pronounced...rustic, yet refined (Color: 1.8 SRM, PPG: 38*)

Lamonta \luh·mon·tuh\ – The new standard for brewing pale ales and British specialty beers; Lamonta is a remarkable and complex North American craft malt that is golden, sweet, and slightly biscuity. (Color: 3.0 SRM, PPG: 37*)

Vanora \vuh·nor·uh\ – For use in Vienna, Oktoberfest, and Marzen beers, Vanora is a high-kilned malt that is aromatically-rich, contributing slight walnut flavors and deep, golden hues to your beer. (Color: 7.2 SRM, PPG: 36*)

Metolius  \met·OLE·ee·us\ –  Imparts a robust and warming malt profile that tastes exactly like a liquid, toasted, graham cracker. With a deep orange & brown color, this malt is the superior choice for brewing traditional styles like Bocks and Munich lagers. (Color: 11.0 SRM, PPG: 35*)

The Specialty Grain Series:

Shaniko  \shA·nih·kO\  The wait is finally over: our white winter wheat “Shaniko,” provides your beer a super-rich and creamy cloud of flavor. Perfect for hazy IPAs and wheat beers, Shaniko tastes like cookie dough right off the spoon. (Color: 4.0 SRM, PPG: 38 PPG*)

Wickiup \wik·ee·up\ – The missing link in creating classic wheat beers; Wickiup provides a deeply rich, "Cream of Wheat" wort with a hint of bread crust and brown sugar.

Our family has grown hard, red spring wheat for decades. Part of this process is supplementing the crop to reach protein levels in excess of 14%, which correlates with increased gluten content. More gluten results in greater elasticity, crucial for our Japanese customers (where the majority of our wheat is currently delivered) who use the flour to make premium noodles.

Malting hard, red spring wheat is a challenge...but the flavor is definitely worth it. We are currently the only source of this type of malted wheat. Please see linked spec sheet for special instructions. (Color: 3.2 SRM, PPG: 36*)

Rimrock  –  Complex? Spicy? It’s time to toss those over-used and lacking flavor descriptors to the wayside and experience malted rye that is in a class of its own. Rimrock is gently-kilned to a rich orange hue and has a warm bread flavor with notes of graham and honey. This rustic malt has a slight aromatic and herbal character that will remind you of the High Desert frontier. (Color: 5.8 SRM, PPG: 40 PPG*)

The Opal Series:
(Caramelized, Toffee Malt)

Opal 44 - Opal 44 is your next, secret ingredient. Sweet, moderately-toasted, with hints of chocolate; it’s wort is reminiscent of homemade almond roca. At 44 DP...use with care or abandon. (Color 40 SRM, PPG: 35.6*)

(*see linked specification sheets by clicking on product names)

Mecca Malt Profiles are available for BeerSmith (.bsmx) or as an .xml below. Once downloaded, drag and drop the file into the "Grains" tab of your software to transfer:

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