"Rimrock" (Vienna-style Spring Rye)

"Rimrock" (Vienna-style Spring Rye)
"Rimrock" (Vienna-style Spring Rye)
"Rimrock" (Vienna-style Spring Rye)
Product image 1"Rimrock" (Vienna-style Spring Rye)
Product image 2"Rimrock" (Vienna-style Spring Rye)
Product image 3"Rimrock" (Vienna-style Spring Rye)

Regular price $87.50

Grassy? Spicy? It’s time to toss those over-used flavor descriptors to the wayside and experience malted rye that is in a class of its own. Rimrock is gently-kilned to a rich orange hue and has a warm bread flavor with notes of graham and honey. This rustic malt has a slight aromatic and herbal character that will remind you of the High Desert frontier.
(Color: 5.8 SRM, PPG: 40 PPG) $1.75/lb
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Pictured is Denny Conn's "Wry Smile Rye IPA" made with Rimrock and Vanora malts
Also pictured is McMenamins "Rye Whiskey." The new make is coming soon and is made with Rimrock malted rye
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