FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Wholesale Purchasing

What are your wholesale prices:

A wholesale price sheet including average freight prices, discounts, and terms is available upon request. Please contact us at malt@meccagrade.com

Can I just call or email you with an order?

Yes. Email malt@meccagrade.com or call (541) 526-8152.

How can I pay and what are the terms?

You will be sent an electronic invoice and can pay with direct deposit, credit card, or by sending us a check. Terms for wholesale accounts are Net30 unless otherwise specified.

How does shipping work?

Unless you have a preferred freight carrier, we arrange for shipping so it’s one less hassle for you to worry about. We find the most reasonable rates and best carriers to work with. Once your order leaves the malthouse, you will be sent an electronic invoice with tracking numbers.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Please contact us for wholesale pricing, discounts, and terms

Homebrewer Accounts

Can our homebrew club sign up for wholesale terms?

Yes, please email us: malt@meccagrade.com

I’m a homebrewer looking to eventually go pro. Can I sign up for wholesale terms:

Yes. It’s generally a good idea if you plan on ordering 300+ pounds fairly regularly. You will save quite a bit on shipping as well.

Do you only sell 50# bags?

For now; yes. We can box and ship a single 50# bag via UPS fairly reasonably. If there is interest in the future, we may offer smaller packaging. We do work with some fantastic retailers who handle smaller orders and can custom-mill malt. You can find them on our “Retailers” page.

What if I want to order smaller quantities?

We have partnered with some fantastic retailers who are better set up to handle smaller orders. You can find them in our “Retailers” section.

Estate Malt

What do you mean by "estate malt?"

100% of our grain is grown and malted on our family farm. We farm over 1000 irrigated acres in one giant block, with all grain grown in a 2-mile radius of the malthouse. We are the world’s largest estate malting operation and are committed to only sourcing from our own land.

Why is your malt so expensive?

Our estate malt is not a commodity and is definitely not priced like one. Our malt will add $0.12 to the cost of a “standard pint.” There are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there, but you really do get what you pay for. Instead…we create remarkable malts that have no equal; each unique and bursting with incomparable complexity and character.

Do you “custom malt” for others?

No. We don't "custom-malt" or source grains from anyone other than our own family farm.

What’s up with growing only “heirloom” varieties?

If it's not unique, we won't sell it. There is no reason to grow the same varieties and produce the same malt that is already available and pass it off as "local" or something special.

I’m concerned about product availability?

No matter how large or small a brewing or distilling operation you are, we are committed to growing with you. We honor our relationships, and as we grow, will make sure there is plenty of malt available for our current customers. After that, we will only sell to these customers what we can produce from our own land.

Doesn’t that limit your production?

Yes, and that’s perfectly fine. We are a family-owned and fiercely independent farm and malthouse. Brad and Seth Klann are the sole owners and have no ambition of becoming a giant company. We don't answer to corporate shareholders and don't malt according to a committee. We get to rock the boat, make the most unique malt in the world, and help the family farm prosper for hopefully another century.

Bags & Storage

What size are your bags?

50 pounds.

Are your bags compostable?

Yes. They are actually used for storing dairy whey protein. The waxy inner coating (and the rest of the paper bag) can be completely composted. This makes the bags more expensive than the plastic dog food style bags you’ll find from other suppliers. We cut no corners and spare no expense.

How do I open these things?

Cut the bag with a knife and pour away. We don’t use string enclosures on our bags because any perforations will allow oxygen to slowly creep into the malt. Our bags are scored and heated to make a perfect, laminated/glued seal.

What’s the shelf life of your malt?

Safely 18 months if the bags are kept away from moisture and oxygen. We recommend storing smaller quantities in VittleVaults or containers that have a sealable lid.

Tasting Room & Tours

How do I schedule a tour or tasting?

Call our telephone number or email katie@meccagrade. We host private tours and tastings for brewers, distillers, and anyone interested in our farm or the malting process. To learn more about our tasting room or renting out our conference room, please visit our “Tasting Room” page.


What’s up with the weird malt names?

They are named after the countless ghost towns that surround us, and some are meant to sound phonetically similar to their European-counterparts…ex: “Pelton” is a “Pilsner-style” malt, “Vanora” is a Vienna-style malt, etc. The last thing we want is for our malt to be a carbon copy of any particular variety or style and instead focus on making unique and distinctly American interpretations of classic malt.