Origin Homebrew Competition Award Winners

Saturday, September 28th we hosted the inaugural Origin Homebrew Competition and celebrated later that evening with a large bottle share at our Annual Harvest Party and Customer Appreciation Dinner. We received some great brews from across the US and were able to raise over $200 to donate to Heifer International. We look forward to making this annual event! If you were not able to attend or participate, save the date for next year, Saturday, September 26th, 2020.

Mecca Grade is inviting homebrewers to create and submit their finest, most flavorful, and unique beverage made ONLY with native and local ingredients to their area. "Locale" is a loose term covering anything from their own backyard up to their "region" (ex: Pacific Northwest).

Participants were asked to follow these guidelines accordingly:

  • Use only the finest natural spring or well water. Please try to limit your water chemistry additions.

  • All grain must either be homegrown/malted or native to your locale.

  • All hops must be homegrown or native to your locale.

  • Yeast must be sourced from your local producer or naturally cultivated and propagated from your locale.

  • Any additional natural ingredients must be sourced from your locale (fruits/vegetables, herbs, flowers, etc.).

They could then enter into six different categories:

  • Best Wild Beer (using spontaneous fermentation or sour/wild cultures)

  • Best Session Beer (5% ABV or less - the perfect beer for your next summer camping trip)

  • Best Fresh-Hopped Beer (the harvest window will be just right for some pretty awesome freshness)

  • Best Central Beer (5.1 - 8.4% ABV) Staple beers brewed with any number of native ingredients

  • Best Big Beer (8.5% ABV and above - barrel-aged beers would be fantastic, but remember, these are being judged in late September, so you’ll have to get on it)

  • Best Mead or Cider (using locally-sourced fruits, vegetables, and honey)

Participants were required to provide a minimum of 64 ounces per entry for judging and be accompanied by an Entry Essay, explaining what inspired them to make their beer, their approach and technique. Entries were judged by a panel of certified and experienced beer judges but NOT to any specific beer style. Category winners received a unique trophy of a local agate with an award plaque and the Best of Show Winner also received an embroidered Pendleton Wool Blanket.

Without further ado the winners are…

Best Wild Beer- Brian McAlister | Myriad-Montmorency Cherry

Best Session Beer- Dan Schlegel | Rhythm of Love

Best Central Beer- Mike Myers | Backyard Beer

Best Big Beer- Matthew Spaanem | Washougal

Best Fresh Hopped Beer- William Midkiff | Mo Sick Freshie Boiii

BEST OVERALL BEER- Mike Myers | Backyard Beer.
Honorable Mention- Brian McAlister (2) and William Midkiff (3)

Thank you again to everyone who entered! We are already looking forward to next years competition. Keep reading below of Mike Meyer’s Best of Show “Backyard Beer” Recipe.

Origin Homebrew Competition

Backyard Beer

Mike Meyers- Colorado

76% Root Shoot Light Munich

24% Root Shoot Malted White Wheat

1.5 oz Colorado Cascades 60 min addition

2 oz Colorado Cascades 10 min addition

10 grams fresh basil leaves picked on brew day 5 min addition

Phantom Saison from Inland Island Yeast company

Added Raspberries from my backyard after fermentation slowed- used 1 full quart sized ziplock bag I had been collecting and freezing as they ripened.

Mashed at 149 for 90 minutes

Boiled for 60 minutes

Chilled to 66 and pitched yeast

Og was 1.052

Fg was 1.010