Featured Employee- Sally Klann

Sally Klann is the Good Malt Advocate for Mecca Grade Estate Malt and also November's Featured Employee. Take a few minutes to get to know Sally and of course, if you would like to know more or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out at: sally@meccagrade.com

Thank you for all all that you do Sally and for keeping all of the Klann boys in line!

Name/Nickname: Sally Klann 

Age: 32

Quick Background: I grew up over in Elkton Oregon, where I had 4-H and FFA projects and where I also met Seth. After high school graduation I went to beauty school and became a hairstylist and esthetician, working in different salons and spas in the Umpqua/Southern Oregon area. I moved to Madras after Seth and I were reintroduced and had been dating. Seth and I got married in February 2011 and have been married for 7 wonderful years.  We have 3 boys Jet(7) Silas (6) and Cash (4), 2 dogs (an anxious Border Collie Inga and a laid back Bernese Mountain Dog, Skye) and 3 cats (Suzy, Princess Sassy and Batman).   

Job Description:  My main goal is to change people's minds about malt and help educate them on why they need/should be using Mecca Grade Estate Malt. I make and deliver sample boxes to potential customers, deliver malt to current customers, attend brewing and malt events and do a lot of different tasks around the malt house!

Favorite Thing About Mecca Grade or the Farm:  I love that 7 years ago, the same year Seth and I were married, we were able to buy back his family's original homestead, raise our family there and then build the malthouse right in our back yard. 

Freetime Hobbies: Homebrewing and playing board games with the family. 

Favorite Beer or Spirit: This time of year I love hot apple cider with spiced rum.  

What Would be Your Last Supper Meal? Chef Seth Klann’s Steak Alfredo!