Discover Our History (Part 3)

Brad Klann \klon\, the current owner of Brad Klann Farms, started working with his parents Harold (son of Ellen and Fred) and Imogene Klann on the 360 acres his father had been farming since coming home from the service. In 1976, they replaced most of their flood-irrigated ground with two center pivots and two wheel lines. The pivots were two of the first used in Central Oregon. To supply them with water, a large pond was built to store and capture water from neighboring farms' flood fields. Water-use efficiency and conservation remain key components of the Klanns' farm.

Brad and Seth Klann, Owners of Mecca Grade Estate Malt

Brad and Seth Klann, Owners of Mecca Grade Estate Malt

After marrying Debbie (the girl-next-door) in 1983, Brad started buying neighboring acreage and was farming up to 840 acres before their children Seth and Katie went off to college. 4-H and FFA are a large part of the family history: Harold, Brad, Seth, Katie and Sally (Seth's wife) were all members. Seth and Katie were both State FFA officers and both graduated from Oregon State University.

Over the years, the Klanns have raised many crops: potatoes, alfalfa hay, radish seed, peppermint for oil, Echinacea, St. John's wort, carrot seed, ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass seed. Currently, they raise Kentucky bluegrass seed and use winter peas as a rotational crop. They also raise DNS wheat, 2-row spring barley, and spring rye for malting.

In 2011, Seth and Sally purchased the original Seth Luelling homestead that had been out of the family for over 60 years, and began farming as Mecca Grade Growers. Brad, Seth, and Travis (Katie's husband) are now farming 1080 irrigated acres utilizing mostly overhead pivot irrigation. The farm uses GPS guidance technology in its tractors, pivots, and spray applications.

Seven generations have grown up farming in the state of Oregon. Seth and Sally's sons Jet, Silas, and Cash, are currently the 8th generation of Oregon farmers.