Featured Employee- Brandon Noack

Brandon Noack is the Head Malster for Mecca Grade Estate Malt and also June's Featured Employee. Take a few minutes to get to know Brandon and of course, if you would like to know more, just reach out at: brandon@meccagrade.com

Thank you for all of your hard work Brandon, you are much appreciated!

Name/Nickname: Brandon

Age: 31

Quick Background: From being a service tech and traveling the country, a car salesman, fabricator, serving overseas in the Army and many more jobs, there’s not a lot that I haven’t done. After taking stock of all the varied things I’ve done when looking long term, the only real common thread between them was fixing things and beer, so I decided to go with beer, and I guess I’ll fix some things if I have to!

Job Description: Anything and everything, and that’s not an exaggeration!

Favorite Thing About Mecca Grade: The beautiful views, the wonderful people I work with, and never having to decide whether the glass is half full or half empty because I can just fill it again from the tap!

Freetime Hobbies: I’ve been playing guitar (poorly) for the last 15 years or so, but it gives me something to do. Between that, spending time with the family and trying to find time to spend in the woods, I’m pretty tapped out with free time.

Favorite Beer or Spirit: I’ve been on a Saison and Sour kick lately for beer. As far as spirits go, I’ll drink Scotch when I’m feeling fancy. I then realize that I’m not fancy in the slightest, so I’ll drop the attitude and switch over to a Vodka, San Pellegrino and about half a lime for an adult Sprite (better name for this anyone?). 

What Would be Your Last Supper Meal? Prime Rib, potatoes, & grilled asparagus. Either that or like 300 pounds of fruit snacks...it depends on why it’s my last meal.