Featured Employee- Travis Ralls

Travis Ralls is the Co-Farm Manager for Mecca Grade and Brad Klann Farms and also July's Featured Employee. Take a few minutes to get to know Travis and of course, if you would like to know more, feel free to reach out at: info@barleybuck.com

Thank you for all of your hard work Travis, especially during the long summer harvest months, you are much appreciated!

Name/Nickname: Travis

Age: 32

Quick Background: I grew up in central Oregon and have always loved being outdoors and working with my hands. In college I studied video production while also wrestling at the collegiate level. Meeting the right people at the right time after graduation, I was able to land my dream job at the time; looking through the eye of the camera lens at wildlife from around the globe, working along the side of some of the greatest professional hunters and conservationists in the world. 

While on a break from my busy travel schedule, I was set up on a blind date by a close friend. While our first date didn't go that well, I immediately knew after meeting Katie, that being a gypsy cameraman, living out of a big blue duffel bag was the end of an era. We were married in the spring of 2012 on the farm, when I also began to work with Katie’s father (Brad) and brother (Seth)...and the rest is history!

Job Description: Anything and everything farm related, literally. Checking fields, irrigation, tractor work, mechanics, you name...I probably do it. 

Favorite Thing About Mecca Grade: Being able to work outside in nature everyday with beautiful views and also alone in the quiet if I choose. I like that every day I am doing something different and I never know how the day will unfold or what it will entail. 

Freetime Hobbies: I enjoy anything and everything outdoors; hunting, fishing, boating, camping, exploring...and of course spending time with my family and friends. I still love doing the occasional video or photo project as a creative outlet. I also own and operate my own business, Barley Buck, a speciality deer feed company that uses the malt byproduct from Mecca Grade, so literally nothing goes to waste on the farm. 

Favorite Beer or Spirit: A nice pint of a dark stout is always my go to but in the hot summer months a cold glass of a sour beer is refreshing. Whiskey neat is my cocktail of choice. Is it safe to say here that I REALLY enjoy a nice glass of pinot noir?

What Would be Your Last Supper Meal? It would definitely involve sushi, a nice filet mignon topped with garlic herbed butter, a side of roasted vegetables and obviously, an ice cream cake for dessert. 

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